Lush Lip Scrub

Lush Lip Scrub is heaven sent.

I’ve always had dry chapped lips since time immemorial. Most of my life I didn’t even care. In fact, I am guilty of biting off dried skin on my lips until it bleeds.

Just now I’ve been getting a hang of purchasing lipsticks (even if I’m such a make-up dud) and I come to realize that chapped lips can totally ruin those pretty lips. So I Googled ways on how to exfoliate to keep my lips soft. I was overwhelmed by so many products online. In fact, I stumbled upon a home made lip scrub that are made of basic ingredients: sugar, honey and coconut oil.

Knowing me, I’d be too lazy to make one myself. I Googled some more and found Lush Lip Scrub. Since the reviews are very high, I’ve decided to try it myself.

When I got to Lush at Trinoma, the sales lady handed me two cute little tester bottles. One was popcorn flavor which to me did not smell like popcorn at all. So the best choice would be the other bottle, the bubble gum flavored one which has that sweet yummy smell.


I immediately tried it once I got home. Before anything else, I checked to see the contents of the lip scrub. According to the bottle, it is made of caster sugar, organic jojoba oil, alpha-isomethyl, flavor and coloring. 

To try it on, I just needed just a small pinch of the sugar for maximum coverage of the lips. It’s so sweet, I even want to put more on. After scrubbing for about a minute, “Hello, soft, sweet, luscious lips!”The best part of it, you can lick off whatever remains after you’re done scrubbing.

The following day, it was put to the test when I had to use a matte lipstick. Conclusion: Lush Lip Scrub works wonders for the lips. My lips did not dry out the entire day. Having said so, I would probably be having a long loving relationship with this product.

The only cons of this product would be that it’s a bit messy to apply. You better make sure that you apply it in front of a mirror. Otherwise you might find yourself with sugar on your face. Also, I think some might find it too pricey at P450.00 for something that can be made at home with cheap ingredients.

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